Specializing in relamping high brightness Xenon digital projectors...
so you never get caught in the dark.
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  • Digital Projection
  • Sony/NEC/Other
  • Filter/Reflectors
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ECS is in the business of relamping high end, high brightness Xenon projectors and supplying Xenon lamp stock, filters, and reflectors for Barco, Christie, Digital Projection, and Sony.

Over a decade of R&D is represented in our specialty lamps — with no lamp released without full design review – testing – and more testing.  Our customers can rest assured that our lamps are of the highest quality, precision manufacture, and performance.

We are dedicated to crafting the finest replacement lamps in the world — Lamps engineered for reliability, purity of light, and steady light output.  You have the advantage of dealing directly with the distributor and the laboratory.

ECS is the proud partner and distributor for YUMEX.    

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• Quick Turn-Around
• Advanced Replacement
• Full Factory Warranty

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HDX Lamps In Stock!
  • HDX Lamps In Stock!
  • Christie "M" Series — In Stock!
  • Coming Spring — Barco HDF-W26
  • Broadcast Lamps — In Stock!
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